Thank you everyone for your support in Colon Cancer Awareness!

Dear Friends and Family,

I wanted to touch base and thank everyone who supported me this year on the Scope It Out 5k run/walk for Colon Cancer Awareness on Saturday, March 24th, 2007 in Washington DC. The race was a great success and raised well over $80,000. I am even more proud to announce that our team, Team Ghostriders, was both the top fund raising team in total dollar contributions and also the top team in total number of contributors. We raised $3000+ between 6 of us!

After losing Mikey to colon cancer in September of 2005 at 26 years old, I can’t even put to words how much I am grateful for all of your support and donations. I’m sure Mike was laughing from heaven as we struggled to cross the finish line so early in the morning! Thank you all for your amazing contributions and support.

On the website now you can see the results from the race:

We were the 10th fastest team (they counted the top 5 finishers per team), but I promise we will do better next year. Nobody told us that hangovers weren’t good for race day! Brett was our superstar male at 22:44, and Chris and Megan made sure that we were represented in the back of the pack as well. Our team was 8 members strong, but we’re happy to recruit more as we plan to do the event next year and for many years to come.

The Post Race Crew (from left to right): Megan, Chris, Teall, Lincoln (in the back), Meaghan, Adam, Jamie, and Brett.

Ode to an Athlete

I was always an athlete of sorts,
Swim-, bike-, and run- ing my sports.
When Parkinson’s hit,
I couldn’t just sit
Like a rusty old ship docked in port.

I first took an exercise class
‘cause I had to do something fast.
Fitness set me in motion,
like some magic potion,
to put my PD in the past.

A triathlon is for me.
I’m entered in race number three.
I’ll try hard to win,
though chances are thin.
It’s the effort I make that’s the key.

In Richmond we’ve started a group
To exercise, squat, bend and stoop.
We have lots of fun,
and when we are done,
we’ll have kicked old PD for a loop!

We continue our non-ending fight,
To try to make everything right,
by using computers
among our recruiters
who log in on our own web site.*


Cheryl Majeske shows how much is possible for someone living with Parkinsons disease

Richmond, Va. (April 1, 2007) ”Cheryl Majeske wants each day to be one more day she is able to push her Parkinsons disease (PD) into the background and live life on her terms. Saturday, April 28, she will join thousands of families, friends, and caregivers in the Parkinsons Unity Walk, the largest grassroots fundraiser for Parkinson’s research.

Parkinson disease does not have me, and I am going to New York to show that people can live with PD and still do many of the things they love, said Majeske.

For most of Majeske’s career as a physical therapist, she was the one helping patients recover and maintain movement through exercise. She remembers working with PD patients without ever thinking she would become one.

At the age of 46, Majeske was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. The active lifestyle that had included regular exercise appeared in jeopardy. Majeske decided to take her future into her own hands and use exercise  as a primary treatment for managing PD. Majeske corresponds with physical therapy and exercise physiologist researchers throughout the country to utilize current findings on the benefit of  exercise in disease management.

Majeske is attending the Parkinson’s Unity Walk with her husband, Mike, as one of the five winners of the AZILECT® (rasagiline tablets). ‘My Exercise’ essay contest. [2] Her entry talked about how she has made exercise her inspiration and priority in managing her PD.  In June she will participate in her 3rd Sprint Triathlon, which consists of 0.2 mile swim, 12.4 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run. In addition to her own attention to fitness, Majeske helped start the first community Parkinsons exercise class in Richmond.  She also developed a web site,, which provides resources for the PD community.

People underestimate what you can do when you are living with PD, Majeske said. I hope people hearing about the thousands of people walking in the Unity Walk in Central Park will see that we are serious about helping find a cure and we plan to live well with PD until that day comes.

Bence Tour 2007

Greetings everyone!

Hope all is well & everyone is keeping up the good work.  I am working for a new company & a new tour.  I am working for Momentum on their Army Racing tour.  We are going to 20 or so NASCAR races, airshos & whatever else.  We get to set-up our massive display trackside where all the drunks are!  If we are in your town drop me a line and if you want to work for us for the weekend, let me know & I might be able to arrange it but don’t get your hopes up.

02/25 – California Speedway/Fontana, CA

03/11 – Las Vegas Motor Speedway (a week off in Vegas, the sun may not shine on me all the time but it does shine bright fro time to time.)

03/18 – Atlanta Motor Speedway

03/25 – Some airshow in Florida but that is not confirmed

04/15 – Texas Motor Speedway

04/22 – Louisville Airshow

05/05 – Richmond International Raceway

05/19 – Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC

05/27 – Lowe’s Motor Speedway

06/03 – Dover Inernational Raceway in Delware

06/10 – Pocono Raceway – I tink that’s in Pennsylvania

06/21-24 – Manhattan, KS for the Country Stampede music festival

06/25-29 – Kansas City, MO for the Skills USA – I have no idea what this is

07/07 – Daytone International Speedway

07/15 – Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, IL

08/05 – back in Pocono

08/19 – Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, MI or as I like to call it, “the hotbed of Michigan”

08/25 – Bristol Motor Speedway in TN

09/16 – New Hampshire International Speedway

10/07 – Talladega Superspeedway in AL

10/13 – Lowe’s Motor Speedway

10/28 – Atlanta Motor Speedway

11/04 – Texas Motor Speedway

11/11 – Phoenix International Raceway

Schedule is subject to change.  Look forward to possibly seeing some of you in market are on the road!  Take care.


The first snow

It snowed today! It was only a few flurries, but still…its only October. It was cold at the top of Mohawk and Riley made her first hike to the top. Beautiful view in the cold and snow. Leaves are coming down fast, lots of them. Fall seemed to arrive overnight.

Majeske / Majewski

I was at a trade show the other day and someone named Majewski came by the booth. I didn’t talk to him, but it may have been more than a coincidence. What do you think?
Our family name was actually Majewski back in the day. My father changed it when he was a young man. He said he wanted something that was simpler to pronounce as he had many people mangle the original as he was growing up.

Not sure I could change my name.

Motorcycle film from India to premiere In USA

Riding Solo To The Top Of The World is a motorcycle journey to Changthang Plateau, one of the remotest places in the world situated on the India China Border. It’s uniqueness is that it’s a one-man unit film without the support of a back up vehicle or a film crew.

The documentary will be premiering at a Film festival in New York, USA.

The film received two awards at Mumbai International Film Festival. Golden Conch for Best Documentary and also the Critics Award. It was also adjudged Best Documentary Biography Section at SIGNS Film Festival.

The documentary opened the “Spotlight on India” film series at Calgary Film festival in Canada.

The documentary will premier at Indo American Arts Council Film Festival on November 4th, Saturday.

An 8-minute trailer (free viewing) of the film can be viewed at the link below.

The documentary is made in association with 60kph – Motorcycle Travel Club, India