Happy Birthday Christopher

The last to be born but the first in our heart is wonderful Christopher J.
We’re happy to be here to help celebrate his very delightful birthday!

This handsome young fellow has toured all around, crossed oceans and deserts galore.
He’s seen everything and he’s done everything that a fellow could want and what’s more,

His future looks great – we expect him to be a tycoon of business some day.
With Debbie to help him and then cheer him on, Let’s all give a “Hip, Hip, Hooray”!

Another Mike Majeske limerick

Live actively to be 100

A dozen centenarians will make the scene each day – the fastest growing segment of the good old U. S. A.

It’s true that people live to be a hundred years or more. Their number is increasing fast like nothing seen before.

The average years that people live increases every day, ’cause Medicare and other plans make everything OK.

When I was born I could expect to live to fifty-five.
I passed that age long time ago – I’m glad to be alive.

Some baby-boomers do expect to live a hundred years. It’s natural for us to wish to outlive all our peers.

Most women take their estrogen to give their lives a lift.
It helps them to survive and prove that a life’s a precious gift

They say that you are just as old as you profess to feel.
But that’s a lie ’cause people die of age they can’t conceal.

So if you want some good advice on how to stay on earth,
use common sense in what you eat and LIVE for all you’re worth.

Another Mike Majeske limerick

A fellow named Jack

There once was a fellow named Jack
who found he’d developed a knack
for verse anapestic
and phrases majestic:
as he gave his new talent a whack-

It’s simple as driving a hack
or nailing a board to a shack
If you have ambition
you have my permission
to give it a good-sporting crack..

You need not be taken aback
if you think it’s talent you lack.
Just pick up a pencil
right after commensal
and enjoy the app1ause from the c1acque,

You may write about old bric-a-brac
or Monday night’s poor quarterback.
Whatever your choice is
We must hear your voices.
Just think like a mad maniac.

Another Mike Majeske limerick

Salute to Ninety-Four

The top two percent of the Nation
will join in a great celebration
to greet with a roar
the year 1994
so welcome the Mensa sensation

We all need to make resolutions
to find some effective solutions
to the problems that vex us
or threaten our nexus
like riots and planned revolutions

Let’s offer to be a good neighbor
to those whom we now do belabor
like Haitians or Cubans
’cause their only humans
and share all the fruits of our labors

Let’s banish the handguns and knives
which terminate too many lives
Have kisses and hugs
and legalize drugs
the joy for which everyone strives

Let’s hope that the new year will bring
the blessings and blossoms of spring
Free health care for all,
the fat, short, and tall
and everyone does his own thing

To a Successful New Year

The top 2 per-cent of the nation
all join in this great celebration
as we say “Adieu”
to year ninety-two,
and welcome the Mensan sensation.

Although it seems quite moronic
to write this verse so disharmonic
the reason, you see,
is I happen to be
unscrutab-ly catatonic.

It’s time that I found a solution
for keeping my new resolution
to give good advice,
not bawdy but nice,
in my limericks re-consecution.