We Won!

Cheryl, Mike, Erica and our neighbors Dave and Stacy won the first annual tailgating contest at Colonial Downs yesterday. Our 2 families will share the “beautiful commemorative silver platter” which is being engraved. How about that!!!!!! At some time our picture will be posted on the Colonial Downs website.

Cheryl Majeske & Michael Norton

Might as Well Call it a Century

Cheryl bicycled 91 miles on Sunday Oct 7, 2008. This annual ride was organized by Ed, who coordinates the SAG support and transport of vehicles to the destination. The route was scenic backroads from Barhamsville to Fredericksburg, VA. We rode through the historic counties of James City, New Kent, Hanover, King William, Caroline and Spotsylvania. Two support crew rode in a van which carried the food/coolers for the 17 riders. The weather was sunny and in the low 90’s. We departed Ed’s house at 8:30am and arrived in Fredericksburg at 4pm. Total cyling time was 5 hours and 45 minutes at an average pace of 16mph.

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Cheryl Majeske & Michael Norton

Local Celebrities

This weekend was our county fair. Erica took first place in the adult quilts with her Christmas peppermint quilt and I took second with a star quilt. I also got first places in adult apron, quilted wall hanging, and christmas wall hanging. In addition to ribbons we got CASH…. $1 for 1st, .50 for 2nd, .25 for 3rd. Our total was a whopping $4.50. Not quite enough to pay the tolls to come visit…

Salute to Ninety-Four

The top two percent of the Nation
will join in a great celebration
to greet with a roar
the year 1994
so welcome the Mensa sensation

We all need to make resolutions
to find some effective solutions
to the problems that vex us
or threaten our nexus
like riots and planned revolutions

Let’s offer to be a good neighbor
to those whom we now do belabor
like Haitians or Cubans
’cause their only humans
and share all the fruits of our labors

Let’s banish the handguns and knives
which terminate too many lives
Have kisses and hugs
and legalize drugs
the joy for which everyone strives

Let’s hope that the new year will bring
the blessings and blossoms of spring
Free health care for all,
the fat, short, and tall
and everyone does his own thing

Recent fun run 4/21/07

I entered this at the last minute because it was nearby and I can manage to survive 3 miles. Lo and behold……. I won in my age group! As you can see about half of the folks were walkers so competition was not tough. The key to notoriety is to try to beome a big fish in a small pond. Now, if I can only be as lucky for the Virginia Senior Games 20 K bike ride May 13…..
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To a Successful New Year

The top 2 per-cent of the nation
all join in this great celebration
as we say “Adieu”
to year ninety-two,
and welcome the Mensan sensation.

Although it seems quite moronic
to write this verse so disharmonic
the reason, you see,
is I happen to be
unscrutab-ly catatonic.

It’s time that I found a solution
for keeping my new resolution
to give good advice,
not bawdy but nice,
in my limericks re-consecution.