Live actively to be 100

A dozen centenarians will make the scene each day – the fastest growing segment of the good old U. S. A.

It’s true that people live to be a hundred years or more. Their number is increasing fast like nothing seen before.

The average years that people live increases every day, ’cause Medicare and other plans make everything OK.

When I was born I could expect to live to fifty-five.
I passed that age long time ago – I’m glad to be alive.

Some baby-boomers do expect to live a hundred years. It’s natural for us to wish to outlive all our peers.

Most women take their estrogen to give their lives a lift.
It helps them to survive and prove that a life’s a precious gift

They say that you are just as old as you profess to feel.
But that’s a lie ’cause people die of age they can’t conceal.

So if you want some good advice on how to stay on earth,
use common sense in what you eat and LIVE for all you’re worth.

Another Mike Majeske limerick