Victory Nissan Sprintriathlon

Cheryl Majeske was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease in May 2002 at age 47. Cheryl’s profession as a Physical Therapist prepared her to accept the movement changes that accompany Parkinson’s Disease.

Because she was always committed to exercise for optimal health and fitness, incorporating a daily exercise routine to manage and hopefully delay physical deficits was an easy transition.

300 meter pool swim- 20k bike- 5k run. The bike is scenic and rolling to flat, run course is flat through the award winning Twin Hickory neighborhood. This event benefits the Shady Grove YMCA and the Massey Cancer Center. This year Cheryl and husband Mike registered as a team. Cheryl competed in the swim, bike and Mike competed in the run.


Oct 12, 2003 AARP Triumph Classic Cheryl Majeske 49 swim bike run finish 9:35 48:32 34:32 1:40:20

Oct 17, 2004 Riverside Sprint Triathlon Cheryl Majeske 50 swim bike run finish 9:28 47:49 33:33 1:37:33 A year older but faster!

May 29, 2005 Victory Nissan Sprint Triathlon Cheryl 50 Mike 53 swim bike run finish 6:20 41:10 30:51 1:22 Faster yet with a little help from my friend!


July 31, 2004 To The RESCUE Bicycle Tour 1/2 Century

May 14, 2005 Capitol To Capitol Ride 1/2 Century