In Bruges

3 Stars. Very well made and acted film. Not only funny but warm and sensitive. Never heard of Bruges before this movie and now think it’s a place to visit, at least for a few hours. This is one of Colin Farell’s better efforts.

Predictions for 2009

1. The Yankees will not win the World Series
2. Apple will release a new iPhone model
3. The biggest, not best, movie will be Angels & Demons
4. The Lakers will win the NBA championship
5. The Dow will end the year above 10,000
6. Blagojevich will either resign or be impeached
7. Windows 7 will not be released.

Celebrity Sitings

This past week in Las Vegas we saw 4 celebrities.

Jared from Subway fame. He was there for a Subway convention. We talked briefly,he was checking out on his way home to Indianapolis.

Warren Buffet at the Beatles Love show. He was very casual,no entourage. Fantastic show BTW go if you can.

Vanilla Ice

Flavor Flav was friendly and had an iphone