Podcast Review: The Bugle – Audio Newspaper For A Visual World

A weekly podcast from the Times UK, this is funny! Every week seems to bring more British humor that is “spot on” in its lambasting of US and World events. John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman do a great job in preparing their podcast and it comes off very smoothly. This is a very professional podcast that should be viewed by other podcasters as a model of technical and content delivery. Of course, being part of a huge newspaper helps them produce a high quality podcast with excellent timing, music and comments from the hosts.

The American segment is the weakest and will get tiresome if they bring it back too frequently.

The Cryptic Crossword is funny mostly because it irritates John so much.

I have tried hundreds of podcasts and this is one of the few that I have continued to sync.watch full Rings 2017 film

If you like Monty Python, you will like this podcast.

It is available on the Times Online web site but just get it from iTunes.

Do yourself a favor and listen to all of the episodes from the start.