A Bear In The Yard

On a warm Saturday afternoon around 2 PM EST, The Bear strolled into our driveway. Debbie saw him first and yelled for all of us to see. The dogs, who were outside but oblivious, started barking. The Bear headed north through the mountain laurel…

He then showed up in Ken & Marie’s back yard and took his sweet time while Ken took pictures and I took a video. Kathy, Debbie, Noreen and Riley all enjoyed viewing this magnificent creature.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

It was tagged on its ears and has visited us in the past. The Bear especially enjoys opening bird feeders.

Hope to see him next year!

You can view photos by Ken in the Photo Gallery.

Goodbye Giant

We lost a friend. On the same day The Bear appeared, our friend Giant was laid to rest. He was a great dog, always had a smile and a wag of his tail whenever he saw you. He was mischievous and like to take off when he could, but who wouldn’t? He loved his walks on the golf course and going for rides in the truck. Giant was not allowed outside of the kitchen but mysteriously the leather couch always had an indention in the seat coushion in the morning. Although his passing is sad, we celebrate his life and the joy and comfort our favorite pets bring to our lives.

You can see photos of Giant in our gallery.